Sep 5, 2012

No Heat Hairstyles

In Malta, where I live, it gets super hot during August. This year we had about 3 heatwaves where temperatures reached the 40 degrees Celsius around the end of June, in July and in August. Even when the temperature was lower than 40 degrees, the heat was unbearable. And with many people living without air conditioning, including myself, it gets extremely uncomfortable. With these high temperatures lasting from end of June till end of August, so about 2 months, we have to adjust our lifestyles and adapt to the unbearable heat. Few ways to do so is to eat colder lighter meals and drink lots of water, wear less makeup, choose super light clothing, avoid the sun and of course applying no heat to your hair. Yes no blow drying, no straightening and no curling, unless you want to melt yourself of course!

During July and August I might have used my straightener twice in total and only for few minutes. Here are my no heat hairstyles I have been wearing throughout the hot summer. My favourite one is definitely the high bun and I have been wearing this for at least 2 weeks in a row.

You can leave a comment telling me which no heat hairstyles you have been wearing this Summer 2012?


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  1. I think it's great hairstyle, nice hairstyle