Sep 4, 2012

How to wear a Shift Dress with a Scenic Print

There are certainly many ways you can wear any shift dress, including one with a scenery print on. However, the big scene print can make it a little bit more difficult to style the dress. You don't want to cover the pretty scene too much and don't want to add too many details to the outfit since the scene attracts already enough attention. The key is to keep it simple, add only a few pieces and leave the dress in the spotlight.

In my case, the scenery shift dress being in black and white is at the same time modern and classic. It can also feel a little retro depending on how I decide to wear it. I could make it super elegant by wearing it with black shoes and purse and some silver accessories. I could also make it retro and vintage by pairing it with some black tights and black and white rounded pumps with a strap as well as a white coat. This time I decided to style this scenery printed dress in a modern more casual way. Below you can see my outfit pairing.

I am wearing:
Scenery print dress from Terranova Limited Collection
Black skinny belt (came with some old clothing piece)
Pink wedges from Tip Toes
Black H&M cross body bag
Pink bracelet from Sicily Market
Flower studs from Tally Weijl

As you can see in the above images, I wanted to make this dress a little more modern and casual. And I did so by pairing it with some wedges which are more casual and less put together than pumps. The pink colour made it less classic and more modern. To add some extra colour I also wore a pink bracelet and white studs. And then I finished it off with a small black cross body bag. The black colour made the bag go well with the white and black dress without adding any extra colour. However, the fabric and the shape of the bag added to the casual feel of this outfit. Finally, because shift dresses can make you lose your shape especially your waist I cinched it in with the black skinny belt not too detract too much attention from the scenery and also not too add too much extra detail.

Let me know in the comments below if you like scenery dresses or clothes in general with a printed scene, and how you like to pair them.



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