This blog was born to do one simple thing.....help me express my creativity and passion for writing. However, it is now doing more than that. It is in fact helping me discover which girly things (from foundation to bright coloured pants) can make me feel FABULOUS. Feeling good about one's image helps feeling good inside. This in turn leads to feeling stronger and happier. I hope my discoveries through trial and error help more women feel fabulous, stronger and happier. All this should explain the blog's name!

Author Name: Alessia

Hometown: Sicily (I was born and lived there for 14 years).

Location: Malta.

Background: Bachelor of Commerce in Finance & Banking & Management with Honours in Management.

Position: Looking for the perfect job (hoping it exists).

Loves: So many things........Planning and organizing. Creativity and arts in general. European cities like Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, Amsterdam, Prague, London for that old atmosphere mixed with modern which can make you dream to be whoever you want to be and inspire you to do great things............Food and cooking. Reading and non stop learning. Writing and making lists. Shopping. Films. Architecture and Interior design. Cute little things. Photography. Travelling.........

You can leave any inquiries as a comment below my posts or email me at alessias@maltanet.net