Jan 17, 2011

Sisley Phyto teint Eclat Fluid Foundation Review......

Hello again,

As I told you in my previous post I am going to review the foundation I am currently trying. This is the Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat Fluid Foundation in shade 0 porcelain. I haven't bought this foundation yet, as I am still using the samples I was given. This foundation matches my skin colour perfectly as you can see in the pictures below. Keep in mind that I do not use bronzer as I am still in the process of finding the right shade for my skin tone and I apply blush lightly because it can seem clownish on my fair skin tone if applied heavily especially face to face.

In terms of texture the Sysley Phyto teint Eclat Fluid Foundation has been so far the best I have tested in stores and sampled at home. What makes it so good in terms of consistency is the fact that it is very fluid. I must however admit that when I first tried it 1 month ago in the store it really applied fluidly on my skin. And when I first applied it at home for Christmas using the sample I was given the result was perfect and no dehydration signs were visible on my face. However, because the weather has been getting colder since Christmas, my dehydration has increased and the Sysley Phyto teint Eclat Fluid foundation now applies less smoothly and some signs of dehydration are visible after the application. In fact if the first time I applied some translucent powder on this foundation when I applied it the second time my face looked very dehydrated. On pictures my dehydration is however not visible. I don't blame the Sysley Phyto teint Eclat Fluid foundation but my skin sensitivity and also the lack of hydrating products used. I need to start using a hydrating mask more often if I want to get rid of this problem.

One successful way to minimize the dehydration signs on the skin after applying this foundation is to use a makeup sponge and to slightly wet it. I have only tried this method once. First I applied the Sisley Phyto teint Eclat Fluid foundation with my fingers on moisturized skin and then I used the wet application sponge to smooth my skin out where it looked dehydrated. I must say that the dehydration was decreased through this method although the foundation coverage was diminished. I would also try applying the foundation with the wet sponge directly rather than first applying it with fingers and then smoothing it with the sponge. However, this might result in some product wasting since these kind of foundation applicators are famous for absorbing a lot of product.

I am hoping that once the cold weather passes and my dehydration starts diminishing, the Sisley Phyto teint Eclat Fluid Foundation will be a perfect match for me in terms of both colour and texture. And in summer if my oiliness in the T zone increases I will reduce it by applying powder over the foundation. For the moment I am skipping the powder to avoid looking overly dehydrated.
Extra specifications about this foundation:
  1. It is oil free
  2. It is made from natural ingredients
  3. It is hydrating
  4. It has a matte finish but still makes the skin look luminous
  5. It is long lasting
  6. It has medium coverage
  7. It smooths out skin tone
  8. Its silicone formula easens application
  9. It dries quickly
  10. It photographs well
I hope you find this post helpful and keep taking care of your skin.



  1. Thank you for this review, it is very helpful, your skin looks flawless. I'd love to try this foundation and I think porcelain may be a match for me also but I'm unsure. Do you know how it compares in colour to the NARS sheer glow foundations?

  2. @sweet-kiss-00
    Dear sweetkiss00,
    First of all thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment. I really appreciated it. In answering your question, I would like to start by saying that I have never tried Nars foundations so my opinion is based on what I have read online. As you can see in the picture i linked below, the first 3 Nars shades are very light and so is the Sisley Phyto teint eclat in porcelain. When compared to Mars sheer glow 3 lightest shades I think that Sisley Phyto Tein Eclat in Porcelain is closest to Siberia just because it is as neutral as Siberia is rather than being too pink undertoned like Mont Blanc or too yellow undertoned like Gobi is. I would suggest you to try different shades of this foundation in a store. I would love to know what you decide to do about this foundation. Also I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my blog. For more info go to link below.


  3. I was given a sample of this to try and it is very similar in colour to NARS Siberia but a little darker and I think a little more yellow. It is a lovely foundation but it offers me no coverage at all. It didn't conceal any redness or even the faintest imperfections and I didn't find that the foundation was buildable. With the exception of the areas where the foundation had oxidized darker than my skin I couldn't tell I was wearing foundation. I struggle to find foundations that match my skin so as the colour match was close I think I may try the powder foundation instead in Porcelain to use as a setting powder for extra coverage. Have you tried the powder version?

  4. @sweet-kiss-00

    Hello again. I understand how irritating can be not finding the right foundation shade for your skin as it happens to me with most brands. The Sisley one is the closest I found till now, and yes it does look a bit yellowish before applying it. Once I apply it, however, I find it blends well with my skin. It is quiet expensive though so I am still looking around for other foundations. And about the powder foundation I haven't tried that. Normally I prefer liquid foundations as I think they are more moisturizing. But recently I have been trying a powder foundation by Missha and I have found it to be quiet good. So you should try a sample of the Sisley powder foundation. You have nothing to loose. Let me know how you find it.