Nov 22, 2014

Short hair

Putting outfits together and doing my makeup are things I really enjoy doing. However, when it comes to doing my hair it always seems I don't have the time. It might be that I don't like doing it or simply that I am not good at it. After all we cannot be good at everything. However, we all know that like our eyebrows, our hair is the frame to our face. And very often your hairstyle can make you look great even if you are wearing a simple outfit and minimal makeup. Whereas bad hair can make you look like you stepped out your house without finishing getting ready. And that's how I have been feeling lately. I was ending up putting my hair up in a ponytail or in a messy low bun. My favourite style was a simple braid but that can look too youthful at times. So now that Summer is officially over and that the weather is cooling down, I finally decided to get a shorter hair cut. I am sure you can agree that it is very short for what I am used to. I think the only time I had my hair this short I was under 5 years old.

Because of my myopia I can never see myself properly in the mirror when the hairdresser is cutting my hair, so each time I am having my hair cut I spend all the time hoping the end result will look good. This time I was quiet scared I would regret going for a short cut, instead I am very happy with my decision. It takes half the time to wash and dry it, and I seem to be more willing to style it since I don't have as much hair as before. Also change is always a great thing in my opinion. It gives you a way to reinvent yourself, and when you change your hair, your whole style changes. I think shorter hair can look more edgy and modern. And that's exactly the kind of style I like to go for during Winter. During the colder months I like mixing classic, edgy and casual modern pieces for an effortless New York inspired style.

Enough talking and here go the pictures....

Now we all know a new haircut can look amazing with the hair styler blow dry but not necessarily look as great once you wash it and style it yourself. Well in this case I must say it still looks good after styling it myself. For this, I have to thank my GHD Gold V Classic Styler And on a plus side my husband loves short hair.

What about you, how do you like your hair - long or short?


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