Jun 23, 2012

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review.

After using my La Roche Toleriane Dermo Cleanser for various months both as a makeup remover and as a cleanser, I felt the need to try a different product which would act more as a cleanser than a makeup remover. I wanted to try the Purity Made Simple Cleanser by Philosophy but since I could not find it where I live I decided to give Cetaphil a try. If you want to know my opinions on this product keep reading....

As you can see in the above picture this cleanser comes in a standard packaging more similar to pharmaceutical products than to fine skincare. However, the packaging is not really that important when the product in it works great. But this is not the case, at least for me.

"Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is recommended as a gentle, non irritating daily cleanser for sensitive and dry skin. It is a high tolerance product, which with its soap free formula removes dirt, makeup and other impurities without drying the skin." This is what is written on the back of the product. Although I agree on the fact that this product is gentle on the skin, I do not consider it as a good cleanser for most skin types.

When squeezed out of the bottle, this cleanser feels quiet oily thus more ideal to remove makeup than cleanse the face. It might be a great cleanser for people with dry skin who want to infuse a sort of suppleness into their facial skin through a very greasy product. But it is definitely not the right product for the rest of us who want to wash their face in order to remove any left over makeup and also sebum and other impurities which tend to form on the face and inside our pores. If you, like me, like to get a squeaky clean feeling when washing your face without of course drying it out, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is not the right product for you. It is definitely not a good cleanser for people with oily skin (since it already makes my normal sensitive combination to dry skin feel very oily) and I think there are definitely better products for combination skin which is also sensitive. For what concerns the high tolerance feature, I can say that it is gentle on the skin and it has no fragrance apart from a medicinal scent which can only be smelled out of the bottle but not when using a small amount on your face. It did not break me out or cause me any allergic reactions.

  1. Soap free, fragrance free and non-comedogenic
  2. High tolerance and gentle formula thus good for sensitive skin
  3. Its oily consistency makes it a good cleanser for very dry skin

  1. It makes normal combination skin feel oily
  2. It doesn't seem to be doing anything to cleanse my face and remove impurities
  3. It was relatively expensive when compared to other similar products

To conclude this review I would like to say that I will definitely not be repurchasing this product because I felt it made my skin feel greasy while washing my face, which means that rather than removing impurities it actually adds more oil to the skin. I am looking forward to purchasing a new cleanser which is gentle on the skin while still giving me that squeaky clean feeling I like.

What about you? Have you ever used this Cetaphil cleanser? If yes, what is your opinion about it?



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