Jan 17, 2012

Long vs Shorter Hair....

Hair length choice in my opinion shouldn't be based on current trends but rather on the woman's height, body, age, personality and lifestyle of course. After all, because something is in doesn't mean it is suitable for each and every woman. 

In the last few years long hair has been the go to hair for many celebrities. Then you tube and blogs beauty gurus and fashionistas started copying this trend. And now most women out there have long hair either natural or extensions. I think long hair can look beautiful and stylish only if it is healthy, looks natural on the person wearing it and it is suitable for her. How long is too long though? 

In my opinion all of the above hair cuts are too long. However, the first picture doesn't look as bad as the others because the hair looks very healthy and natural. I am not sure, though, that the long hair is actually the most flattering look on the first model. Because she looks like she is in her mid thirties I believe something more shoulder length would be much more suitable. Yes age is very important when choosing how to style your hair. Last week, while shopping, I saw a mom walking with her teen daughter and from behind you couldn't really tell who was the mother among the two. Both were pretty short (nothing against short people since I am very short too) and had long hair below chest. The mum had lights in haer hair and although the hair looked healthy I still found it to be too long for a mother in her 40's.

Both of the above hair cuts are too long for their age. The extra hair length actually makes them look older although they might be feeling young looking.

The above 2 celebrities look Fabulous in their long hair simply because it is not too long and is wavy. I think wavy long hair is much more flattering on mature women than spaghetti straight hair. Their hair also looks very healthy and natural.

Another point to consider when choosing between longer and shorter hair styles is height. Shorter women should stay away from hair which goes below chest and might be more safe to wear shoulder length cuts. 

 Mary Kate hair is definitely too long for her petite body.

The long hair makes the above 3 celebrities look shorter.

Other important aspects to consider when opting for longer hair is whether you have the personality and lifestyle to rock it. Are you girly, feminine and love taking time to get ready? Or are you more a tom boy and hate wasting time doing girly things? Do you have the time to maintain and style longer hair? If not shorter hair is the answer.

Shorter medium hairstyles are definitely suitable for most women no matter the height, age, body, personality and lifestyle. So if you want to be on the safe side choose a medium long hair cut similar to the ones below. These hair cuts will not only suit you, but are much easier to manage than very long and very short cuts. They are also very versatile because you can still put your hair up, curl it and do much more with it.

Above shoulder hair is usually the best length for middle age women. It is however also a cute style for teenage girls and young women. And can also look very classy and stylish for women above 30. The ones below are my favourite short cuts.

I don't think I am brave enough to go shorter than the above hair cuts. Moreover, very short hair is not a good option for petite women as it can make them look too young or make their head look too big. I also think that very short hair can look disproportionate on larger women. Medium long hair with volume can help balance a larger lower body. Women with broad shoulders should choose a short hair cut which doesn't hit their shoulders in order to attract attention away from the shoulders and avoid adding extra volume to that area. 

The aim of this post was to help those women out there who are having difficulties figuring out which hair length is best for them. Cutting your hair can be difficult, especially when you have very long hair which looks natural and healthy. However, if you are petite or too mature I am sure a shorter hair cut will complement your features and also suit you better. 



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